The Northeast Kingdom at Peak

tree in colorSeptember 28th, 2014. After three of our days of brilliant sunshine, the Northeast Kingdom is at peak color. This video was shot around 4pm near Norton, Island Pond and Morgan. The colors are fully displayed. There has been only very minor leaf drop.

  1. Had the great pleasure of visiting last fall. Wanted so bad to go again this year, but couldn’t make it. I love visiting via your aerial video. This is great stuff.

  2. I enjoy your videos each year at this time.
    The addition of using the drones is amazing and well done.
    This video, in particular, is spectacular.
    Thank you for doing this for us.

  3. Thanks for the comments. The railway track scene has always been a favorite. This year, I had to wait for it, the sun where it should be and the peak.

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