Jay Peak Foliage Color October 4th, 2015

Color is not at peak yet. Sadly, the tram is not running due to a serious mechanical breakdown. The locals say it won’t fixed until November. The rest of northeastern Vermont is not quite there yet and central and south is still about a week away from high color, with peak probably about 10 days from today..Saturday, October 3rd.

  1. Hi.
    A general comment on all of your foliage videos.
    I live in northern Georgia, but once was stationed in New England (US Navy, Submarine, Groton, CT). I’ve always loved walking and taking pictures of God’s beautiful creation. For many years, I subscribed to Vermont Life, mainly for the Fall issue and Foliage pictures/stories.
    When I found your web site (through a VT foliage site), I started watching your videos.
    I’ve always been impressed with the quality of your equipment and the HD format. But, being a (very) amateur photographer of the outdoors, I also recognized your staff as having a real gift for video composition. Over the years you’ve been publishing videos for the Fall Foliage reports, I’ve noticed you’ve become very creative. At first, I loved the “walk in the woods” way of seeing the colors coming out and changing. Now, I’ve noticed your use of aerial views. This year, you’ve added views from an auto, driving along a road. All of these are excellent and very creative. I like each one for a different reason – each provides a unique perspective. I start watching the VT foliage reports right after Labor Day, including looking for any early sights of color via your videos (i.e. swamp maples starting to come out…).
    Please share my thanks to all involved with your wonderful videos.
    You allow me to remotely see the beauty of a Vermont Fall, and I am very grateful for that.
    God Bless,
    Ken Brenner

  2. Thank you for your comments. They are much appreciated. Yes, as I have learned more about filmmaking, I have tried to become more creative. And, yes, the gear has become more sophisticated…those smooth shots are not possible with a three way motorized gimbal and then there are the lenses. Each video is recorded in 4k and edited down for the web. Because of the resolution, still frames can be extracted from the footage.

    Best regards

  3. Hi Tim. It’s one thing to have good equipment. It’s another knowing how to use it in a creative manner. And, it appears you have been blessed with a gift for composition and creativity. As info, I’ve been section-hiking the Appalachian Trail in an attempt to eventually finish the trail. I love to take pictures on my hikes (and now videos using my Sony camcorder). In recent years, I’ve started using Microsoft Movie Maker to create movies that show the sections of the trail I’ve done thus far (I’m at the 800-mile point in central Virginia). Here’s an example of one of my favorites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2M-ZE3qj0Q
    Hope you have a great week ahead, thanks for your videos and correspondence with me.

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