Balloon Glow at the Quechee Balloon Festival in Vermont

balloonglow_splash-300x173Balloonists perform to music at the Quechee Balloon Festival. Balloon Glows are tricky; the balloon can become overheated and all that hot air makes the balloon want to float away. For this reason, balloonists cannot apply their propane burners for more than about 30 seconds at a time. e Quechee Balloon Festival, Music and Crafts Fair is held every Father’s Day Weekend. The Balloon Glow is sometimes held on the Friday night (the first day of the festival) or on the last day. Check festival schedules at
Video was update July 20th, to include morning launch of balloons. There was no wind that morning and many of the balloons drifted back into the parking lot! Still, I think there are some nice shots two balloons playing touch and go in the water in front of Simon Pearce.


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