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Video-Vermont was established in 1998. We are located in Morgan, near the Quebec border, on the eastern side of the state. We are close to the northern New Hampshire border and about an hour from the Mount Washington Hotel and the New Hampshire Grand.

We provide a wide range of video services, including wedding video, business video and Vermont event video. The wedding video is our principle business, but when we are not doing this, we keep our hand in by finding quirky Vermont events to video and put on our websites. These videos are done for free. They benefit us and the event.

Our business clients include Education organizations, a number of Bed and Breakfasts, the Northern Community Investment Corporation and Maplesyrupvermont.com. Some of the business video is viewable on this site.


Our camera equipment and accessories include several DSLRs for broadcast quality HD production of commercials and small feature films. We can come to a venue with up to six or eight cameras, Here is a list as of the fall of 2010.

— Eight foot Kessler Crane for stunning reveals

–Steadicam Pilot for floating shots

–U-boat Commander by Bruce Dorn

–Manfrotto tripods, fluid heads, Manfrotto unipods

–Two Canon 5D MkII

–One Canon 7D

–Three Canon XHA1 High Definition Video Cameras

–One Canon XLHI High Definition Camcorder

–Two HV30s

Marantz PMD 671 Extreme Low Noise Portable Digital Audio Recorder
Two Marantz PMD 620 Pocket Digital Audio Recorders
Zoom 4H Digital Audio Recorder
Sennheiser Wireless Mike Systems
Audio Technica wired Lavaliers
Samson Audio Mixer
Two Sennheiser ME66K Shot gun mikes with Wind Furries
Two Sennheiser MKH 416 Shot gun mikes with Wind Furries

We edit in Final Cut Pro and Compress for the Web with Sorenson Squeeze 6 and Apple’s Compressor. Our videos are available in a wide variety of formats including Blu-Ray, Standard DVD, Flash, QuickTime, Window Media Player, and HTML 5 MP4 video for Apple Devices.


If you need a video made for business, DVD production, a script, or compression for the web, we can handle it for you. Just give us a call at 802.895.4295. You can also use our contact form.


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